About Jerry's Baitshop

We wanted to create a place where we could help the novice and pro alike get the best fishing & hunting gear possible so that they can get the most out of their outdoors adventures with family and friends.

Watts Bar Lake is well known for its bass fishing. There are many amateur and pro bass fishermen that come from near and far to fish here and we wanted to make this a place where they could come and get the types of tackle that works on this lake.

We are passionate about two things.  We are passionate about customer service. We believe that listening to our customers is of the utmost importance.  Asking the right questions and paying close attention to their answer is the key to helping them have a good day on the lake or in the woods.

Then there’s our passion for fishing & hunting. We learn from our experienced Watts Bar Lake family as well as our own experiences fishing on the lake. We want, more than anything else, for you to have a good fishing experience during your time on Watts Bar Lake. Whether it is just a visit for a day or two or if you live in the neighborhood.  We want this to be your “go to” bait and tackle shop.

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815 S Gateway Ave.
Rockwood, Tennessee

(865) 354-1225